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Venus - Texas - USA

PIC's from the W1AW/5 Event during September 2014

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Josh Berry, AE5FN - who always has a smile - working with Dave D'arcy, KF5LKG spent about five hours on the W4BSB tower at the ranch to do a major antenna repair and maintenance to the W4BSB antennas in March of 2012


Shown in the photo above is the 135 foot - W4BSB tower - The W4BSB tower has a two element Quad at the top.


There are a total of five towers that have Cubical Quads on top at the ranch.

In the photo below the W4BSB tower is to the right and just to the

left side and East of the 200' Verizon cell phone tower in the photo.

The W4BSB tower has a two element Quad at the top.

WA5FWC tower site in Venus, Texas - USA

Sunset in Venus, TX from atop the W4BSB tower

The WA5FWC tower "A" is on the left - a Verizon cell tower on right

A new 5 element Cubicle Quad gleams in the sunshine from atop tower "A"

in front of and to the East of the ranch house at 140'


de - Gary - WA5FWC


WA5FWC - Amateur Radio


Venus - Texas - USA

HELLO RADIO WORLD . I am interested in DXing and antenna construction; I have been a Cubical Quad fanatic from the start. Having built many multi-element and Phased Quads in my youth and during middle age of life, I like Verticals and the integrating of antenna systems, restoring vintage gear, operating AM, SSB, CW and Digital modes.

I have an avid interest in Flying - Restoring vintage aircraft as well as an interest in model R/C, This was the main reason for getting into HAM RADIO to further my interest in Radio control as a amateur license was required to operate the aircraft. This led me to get my pilots license and my interest in the Great Sport of HAM RADIO continues.

I have a grass strip on the ranch that can accommodate private aircraft and my restored Boeing Stearman that I rebuilt in the 80's. It is the 4th one that I have rebuilt and flown along with 17 other aircraft.

I also like to build big antennas like multi element Quads; one of my many projects was a full size four square for 75 meters. I completed it in 2007. It uses a homebrew hybrid coupler and it is works great. I think you will agree as the antenna has a 400' feed line of Andrews's hard line that connects it to the shack. JB Jenkins, W5EU, mentored me on this project. He has been a great help and friend for several years. I think his system is one of the best in the world. Check me out in the pileups.

I have the system up and running using all four of the vertical elements plus a center tower for control and 40 meters. The signal reports that I receive have been fantastic. This array has about 8 miles of radials and is fed with 3/4" hard line from the center tower to each of the verticals. Recently we lowered the resonance by extending the tuning stub on the top of each of the vertical elements which has greatly improved the bottom of the band operation to take advantage of the recent frequency expansion that Ham's have been allowed. This system has been a ten year project from 1997 until 2007 going from inspiration to completion.

I have been side tracked along the way, but thanks to today's modern medical miracles, I now have perfect mobility after many years of pain and a limited walking ability. I had both of my knees replaced in Jan of 2000 and that was a tremendous improvement.

l also fly R/C aircraft especially the indoor electrics. I've flown models over 60 years almost all facets of this fine hobby. I received the WA5FWC call sign in 1961, so I've had it for 51 years. It has been a very enjoyable hobby and a part time avocation. My life has been electronics from the start and all the other stuff is associated with it.

I have three repeaters on the air, 145.39, 443.775 and 1278.98. I am actively involved with AIRES and Sky Warn. The repeaters at my Venus, TX site are used primarily for this purpose. They are on a 200 ft tower that is a Verizon Cell tower behind my home. I have fourteen other towers with various antennas some in flux as we write.


The PIC above shows the base of the Forty meter Quad. The base is cemented with over twenty yards of cement. Most of the Quad frames have been rebuilt. This antenna has been in use for over 36 Yrs. It was on a 135' tower but at my age it is difficult to maintain. Recently I decided to lower it to about 70 ft and put all the controls and the prop pitch rotor on the bottom of the tower so I can have easier access to it for maintenance. Low sunspot activity is a good time to rebuild and change for the new cycle.

The photo below is of my Emergency Com trailer. For many years we have used it for Field Day, Boy Scout Jamborees and for emergencies such as the hurricanes Katrina and the Rita. It was built out of ready handy materials. An old boat trailer for the frame covered with expanded metal. The Large aluminum box was liberated from the junk yard and the tilt crank up tower from my ant scrap pile. The antenna was and old Mosley TA-33 that I had used for field day before. A generator from a buddy down the street for a couple of hundred bucks and a great resource to provide instant communications from 80 meters thru 70cm. A push button operation to erect the tower by a winch from EBay for 30 bucks, a lot of help from my ham buddies in welding and ideas. This is an ongoing project that is still in flux and which we hope never to complete.


The latest project has been the Venus, Texas, <VTX>, Internet remote HF amateur radio communications station that is connected to the world VIA Wireless Broadband Internet. This station is also available to the JARS amateur radio group in time of emergency where it can operate as WA5JRS or may be operated by Extra or General class licensed amateurs with permission from W4BSB



The W4BSB <VTX> Shack - Venus, Texas

Dave Greig - N3BUO - at the controls of both Texas stations during the W1AW/5 Event in

September of 2014


The W4BSB <VAB> Shack - Virginia Beach, Virginia -Click ON AIR -To Listen

Antennas for the <VTX> project are a Quad for 20-6 meters, ( 1 ) inverted VEE for 80 meters, 40 meters, 30 meters, 60 meters and ( 1 ) Delta Loop that is full size with 525 feet of #12 solid copper wire that is center fed at 95' with angles down to 28' on the lowest support for 160 meters, Additionally ( 2 ) Sloper antennas were added at the site in August of 2014 to support additional coverage for all users.

This remote Internet station was put into service on March 27th of 2010 with the valiant efforts of Gary Pannell, WA5FWC, Josh Berry, AE5FN, Dave D'arcy, KF5LKG, and Gary Woods, WS5J, now a (SK)

Thanks to Gary's antenna engineering expertise, Dave's and Josh's professional tower crew the project came to fruition in record time. The station runs 24/7 and can be operated from a local console or operated from anywhere in the world over a high speed broadband connection.

This <VTX> 19" rack mount system, as well as the <VAB> site, was designed by Jay James, W4BSB, and are fully automated for remote use.

I am WA5FWC, our club callsign, WA5JRS, is the Johnson Amateur Radio Service (JARS). For more information click flag



8 miles of radials